Monday, March 29, 2010

Spring Walks In

There's a bounce in my step
I smell an early bloom
That's cracked through the frost
Of Winter's spectral gloom

I walk down the path
I hear the robin's sweet song
Sung from his red breast
That Winter's almost gone

My feet move along
I see green blades of grass
Tiny banners of victory
That Spring's won at last

Now I've traveled this far
I feel sun on my face
The radiant beams
Breaking through Winter's space

Finally I've arrived
I taste fresh sweet delights
Brought into the world
By the Spring's early light

I'm so glad I'm here
And that Winter's at end
Let's make the most of it all
As springtime begins


  1. MMmmm, a piece that just warms up the day for me! Great work!

  2. Great poem... YAY for sunshine and Spring