Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Witches' Ball

Oh, tell me did you hear the call
It’s coming soon, the Witches’ Ball
Held on the final day of fall
Please do come, each one and all

Minerva sits all full of sighs
And looks into the darkened skies
Tears seem to linger in her eyes
This time of year she does despise

Each year she goes all nicely dressed
Her favorite gown all neatly pressed
Trying hard to look her best
And catch the eye of a certain guest

He’ll never notice her, she thinks
Did someone cast on her a jinx
So that he always thinks she stinks
And never sees her sidelong winks

Her friend Gertrude makes a potion
And mixes it into a lotion
If she applies it with devotion
She promises she’ll inspire emotion

In it she’s thrown in eye of newt
Along with rinds of rotten fruit
She swears that it will help her suit
No more will he turn up his snoot

Minerva tries it on her face
The wart on her nose it does erase
Suddenly she smiles with grace
With the hairy mole now out of place

And so the night comes for the dance
Minerva hopes to have her chance
At the witches’ version of romance
When to the dance she sees him prance

A warlock handsomer there couldn’t be
Her heart crashes like a fallen tree
When he goes on bended knee
And asks her “Will you dance with me?”

How rapidly her heart it goes
As she almost trips over her own toes
He gives to her a wilted rose
From a dead bouquet he chose

She smiles at him and bats her lashes
Her crooked teeth at him she flashes
Across the floor with her he dashes
Whirling through the witches’ sashes

Too soon for all, the dance is done
No one wants to end the fun
Minerva’s not the only one
She blushes when he calls her Hon

We shouldn’t wait until next year
Will you see me again, my dear
To lose your company I fear
Would cause me to shed more than a tear

Her heart filled up with sweet delight
Her happiness was quite a sight
She’d never thought she ever might
Find romance on this magic night

Soon their hearts were overflowing
Everyone smiled at them with knowing
Their happiness was always showing
Together they were always going

Minerva felt her heart would burst
When they were wedded on the First
The day was perfect, nothing cursed
They stayed together through better and worst

So give something a chance sometime
You will find it’s not a crime
To be ready when the time is prime
Things can turn out quite sublime

Sunday, October 18, 2009


You blow through like a phantom
Almost invisible
But I am here to see you
You cannot hide from me

I have seen the beauty
You keep to yourself
It shines through like a beacon
With almost ghostly light

I also see your scars
Traces of your past
They don’t bother me
The specters of past hurts

I can’t see any reason
For you to hide yourself
We all have our secrets
Apparitions through our lives

I long to embrace you
And feel you in my arms
Still you remain ethereal
Withholding all your charms

So all I see are mist and smoke
And stand all by myself
With the ghost of never was
To haunt my days and dreams

Sunday, October 11, 2009


You think that I’m the sunshine
But that really isn’t true
The light you think comes from me
Really comes from you

You offered up your warmth
And lent to me your spark
You chased away the shadows
That kept me in the dark

You painted quite a picture
Held up so I could see
I saw another image
That others saw as me

I never was the darkness
There just were gradients
I only needed time to shine
And show my radiance

Never forget you lent me
The light to start it all
Without you I’d have never known
The light within to call

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Ballad of the Blossom

You planted a seed to watch it grow.
Your intentions were good, but you reap what you sow.
You remembered the water, but forgot the sun,
But nightshade grows when the day is done.

You thought you’d grow a bonsai tree,
But planted it where it could grow wild and free.
The creeping vines grew across the ground,
Discipline for the plant could not be found.

You threw up your hands and walked away,
Because with that plant, you don’t hold sway.
Yet with the start of your neglect,
That plant began to stand erect.

Those vines began to rise and twine
And grew into something quite divine.
That stubborn bud that would not grow
When you were gone it seemed to know.

You came back and were surprised
To find this rare unequalled prize.
Your fragile, stubborn, little shoot
Is now beginning strange new fruit.

Will you eat it, do you dare,
Try to taste this strange new pear?
It might be poison, it might be sweet.
Only a fool might dare to eat.

But of course you could not resist.
That fruit your lips so sweetly kissed.
Now you finally know the course
Of those who try to grow by force.

You took a bite and bit the dust,
Then you learned the price of lust.
Your body on the ground now lies.
Your plant you will now fertilize.

Did you never guess your stubborn bloom
Would one day come to seal your doom?
Sometimes it’s the pretty thing
That will leave the deepest sting.

You learned too late
But such is fate.
The plant lives on
While you are gone.