Monday, March 29, 2010

Spring Walks In

There's a bounce in my step
I smell an early bloom
That's cracked through the frost
Of Winter's spectral gloom

I walk down the path
I hear the robin's sweet song
Sung from his red breast
That Winter's almost gone

My feet move along
I see green blades of grass
Tiny banners of victory
That Spring's won at last

Now I've traveled this far
I feel sun on my face
The radiant beams
Breaking through Winter's space

Finally I've arrived
I taste fresh sweet delights
Brought into the world
By the Spring's early light

I'm so glad I'm here
And that Winter's at end
Let's make the most of it all
As springtime begins

Monday, March 22, 2010

Art Lessons

You see the world in black and white
But I'm a shade of grey
I think that makes me invisible
Even in the light of your day

You draw the world in lines most straight
But I'm a curlicue
I fear that makes me a bad fit
In your stark world view

You hear the world in symphonies
But I'm a singing bowl
I guess that I don't resonate
A chord within your soul

That world of yours seems rather dull
I say that from my heart
I wish for you that you could see
I am a work of art

I'd paint your world in vivid shades
So you might learn to see
That differences are beautiful
Just like you and me

Monday, March 15, 2010

Your Song

You have a song, I’ve heard you sing
The beauty of your heart
It comes from you, I know it does
I love that song, I listen close
To hear it when it starts

Sometimes you sing a sad lament
Of love lost and never found
One that’s full of wails and tears
And makes my heart respond

Sometimes you sing a happy tune
That spreads your internal joy
A song that’s made to make me laugh
And shares your light with all

Sometimes you sing a requiem
A solemn, rending cry
One that brings those lost to mind
As we all say good bye

Sometimes you sing a lullaby
With quiet gentle strains
That lulls your loved one off to sleep
At the quiet end of the day

Sometimes you sing an anthem
That always draws a crowd
You state your case in quite a way
And you sing it really loud

The song I know is part of you
As surely as your eyes
It’s who you are, it’s what you do
No instrument compares to you
I hope you realize

Monday, March 8, 2010

The Star

I know that you think of me as a satellite circling your brilliant sun.
You call me into your orbit when you want others to see your twinkling star.
And then you can dismiss me to return to your eclipse, blocked from the light
left in the dark space where you don’t think of me.

What you don’t know is that behind you, in that black space, I am part of a constellation
you never even knew existed.
Others can actually be drawn to the flickering light inside of me that shines out
creating a prism of color from all the facets I possess.

Even the surfaces that you have cracked and dirtied
when you threw your hidden ugliness
at me that you didn’t want others to see can be transformed by the right play
of light that others have been willing to share with me from themselves.

You can’t see that inside me because all you want to see is yourself
reflected back from my surface.
It’s all you want others to see as well.

It’s okay, but oh, if you could only see…

Monday, March 1, 2010

A Closer Look

I wish you really knew me
And not what you wished I’d be
I wish I knew what it is
People really want to see

It seems I’m never quite enough
To make people look again
I feel like I’m invisible
Erased before I e’er begin

Or else it seems I’m hideous
Beauty hidden deep inside
My flaws exposed and ridiculed
Soft spots concealed in my hide

I wish sometimes they’d look again
To see what’s really me
I’m more than just that outer skin
But I can’t let them see

The parts I keep most hidden
Are the true bits of my self
They really are the best of me
But they’ll sit here on the shelf

I might have shared them with the world
But they tossed away the rest
They wouldn’t give a second look
Thinking they’re the best

They’re the ones who are missing out
I know that in my heart
And still I wish they’d have looked again
For my really special part

Beauty isn’t the same to all
It’s the really shallow kind
Who only take one look and part
Never looking at what’s behind

For those who take a closer look
They might find I’m a work of art
Special ones with eyes to see
The whole and not just part