Sunday, April 19, 2009

A Sort Of Fairy Tale

Once upon a happy beginning
You met a prince who was quite winning
He slayed your dragons and won your hand
You thought your life would be so grand

You hoped your prince would bring a rose
And to your heart he would propose
That he’d try to sweep you off your feet
And your married life would be so sweet

He placed you in an ivory tower
So everyone could admire his power
Your glass slippers sat upon the shelf
Seen by no one but yourself

His time for you he could not spare
About your heart he didn’t care
He rode off on his trusty steed
And forgot that you had any need

You gazed into your looking glass
Sad over how your life would pass
Too late you came to realize
He’d become a beast whom you despise

Princess, he was always just a frog
You couldn’t see it through the fog
It was clear to us right from the start
That he’d go and break your heart

But for you it’s not the end
Your broken heart will surely mend
Forget these tears that you’ve been spending
Go out and make your happy ending

Don’t be afraid to try again
This time a prince your heart will win
He’ll bring to you true love and laughter
And your happily ever after

So no more wishing and no more sighs
It’s time for you to dry your eyes
Your tales not finished, it’s just begun
It’s just this chapter which now is done