Monday, February 21, 2011

Tree Of Hearts

In the forest grows a tree -- a peculiar plant with flowering hearts
Twasn't always the lonely silent sentinel of the woods
Once a beautiful princess until a witch's curse rooted her to that place
She once had a sister who strayed from castle walls that kept her safe
Because her sister was filled with jealousy over a prince who loved her tenderly
The young princess was doomed -- her heart poisoned against all love
Her sister came and struck a deal, becoming a tree while her sister was spared
Now the tree waits for the curse to end while her sister lives without her memory
Others come to pluck her fruit to cure their ills and heal their hearts
While the Tree of Hearts waits for her sister to come and free her from the wretched curse
Until her prince rides by one day and sees the beauty inside the tree
He implores her then to tell the tale and asks how he can set her free
Her freedom then became his quest and he sought her sister to bring her there
But the younger princess remembered not the one who'd sacrificed for her
She wouldn't go to see the tree and the prince began to feel despair
'Til one day she began to look at him and again want to keep him for herself
He finally led her through the wood after promising a kiss as her reward
And when she stood and faced the tree a heart fell and landed at her feet
She picked it up and and gazed at it and the spell was broken instantly
The princess stepped out of the trunk into her prince's arms with love
Her jealous sister loosed a scream then she became a poison tree
The princess left her with a heart to free her if she'd take a bite
But envy kept her sister there refusing love from one who'd cared
While the Tree of Hearts wed her prince and lived her life with happiness

Monday, February 7, 2011

The Snowflake

The snowflake falls
whirling, twirling, dancing along
perfect symmetry, unequalled beauty
unique in all the world

Born in a cloud
some will say, with certainty
Those who don't believe
in the magic of creation

Maybe she's a love child
born to a fairy princess
and an ice king
ill-fated lovers kept apart

Separated by Winter's chill
seeking a way to come together
allowed only a few moments
before they steal back to their homes

Could such a perfect creation
be born from something
other than the purest of loves
and the warmest of hearts

Or did it really
simply come about
as water freezing in a cloud
and simply striking chords of whimsy?