Monday, February 7, 2011

The Snowflake

The snowflake falls
whirling, twirling, dancing along
perfect symmetry, unequalled beauty
unique in all the world

Born in a cloud
some will say, with certainty
Those who don't believe
in the magic of creation

Maybe she's a love child
born to a fairy princess
and an ice king
ill-fated lovers kept apart

Separated by Winter's chill
seeking a way to come together
allowed only a few moments
before they steal back to their homes

Could such a perfect creation
be born from something
other than the purest of loves
and the warmest of hearts

Or did it really
simply come about
as water freezing in a cloud
and simply striking chords of whimsy?


  1. The way you string your words together to mezmerize the reader is quite profound and inspiring, Houndstooth! Well done!

  2. ...gentle, soft and brilliant... 'born in a cloud...' oh,i like that... i had a good read this eve... thank you!!!^^