Monday, July 19, 2010

A Way With Words

It's true, you have a way with words
It's something I admire

You paint a picture with some of them
That you call poetry

Others you conduct effortlessly
Into lyrics that I love

Some words you pluck right from the air
And create a killer tale

But the word that you use best is when
You simply call me friend!

Monday, July 12, 2010

A Seed of Joy

I met a man on the street one day
Everyone he met tried to get out of his way
Not one kind word did he have to say

As he passed by me, he dropped a seed
I picked it up and called him heed
He glared at me, said he had no need

So in my pocket it did go
At home in the garden I'd gladly sow
And wait to see if it would grow

I'd ne'er seen one like that seed before
How I should tend it -- I was unsure
Yet I continued with my little chore

The little seed every day I'd tend
I spoke to it like a sunny friend
And soon little shoots began to unbend

It's leaves were reaching for the sky
The bush was growing rather high
I saw that buds were growing nigh

Finally the bush burst into bloom
Each flower was a wispy plume
Waving away any trace of gloom

One day I saw that man so sour
From whom I'd gotten my lovely flower
Across his angry face a glower

I asked him to come along with me
The plant I wanted him to see
And when he did, he was filled with glee

His reaction made my own heart sing
At the thought of one small simple thing
Over what shared joy can truly bring

And the next time I saw him on the street
I saw every person he did meet
Walk away with a smile most sweet