Saturday, August 22, 2009

A Minute To Miss You

I wish we had another minute
What I’d give for one more hour
Our time together was sweet
But it ended much too fast

I sit above your lovely bones
And stare at your epitaph
But I know you aren’t really here
Your spirit left behind this ash

An empty stone can hold your name
But it doesn’t hold your heart
Your soul soared to a better place
And left me here to mourn your loss

We used to be so comfortable
Sitting where we could just be
I never had to say a word
You knew what was inside of me

Now I wonder if I should have said
Things that echoed in my heart
Did you know the things that I felt
And the home you made for me

Sometimes I hear you in the wind
Or see your smile form in a cloud
But I wish I felt your presence here
Instead of an aching wound

I know the place to keep you
Is deep inside my heart
Where you first carved in your name
And left an eternal mark

Sometimes it’s easy to forget
To seek you where it matters most
For we will always be a pair
Even though we’re now apart