Monday, August 30, 2010

A Story With An End

Once upon a time
never seems to come

Sometimes I get so close
but it always slips away

A fairy tale come true
is what I'd like to have

But the mysteries of life
are what my life's about

Will I ever find a prince
upon a big white horse

The thriller that I seek
is hidden in blank pages

Yet my biography I hope
will tell a simple story

That happily ever after
came at the end of my life's tale

Monday, August 16, 2010

Steampunk Princess

There's a steampunk princess
with her regal airs

You'll see her head in the clouds,
her feet in her boots

She's got romantic notions
and a technical streak

She won't fall for a knight
but a chivalrous geek

Her heart's in the details
while her head's in the game

Everyone loves her
they just can't stay away

There's no one quite like her
which is all for the best

Since all princesses are special
with their own unique gifts

Monday, August 9, 2010

A Fine Line

There's a fine line
between love and hate
when someone dear
has thrust the blade.

There are a thousand shades
between black and white
with infinite greys
grading wrong and right.

There are a million pieces
between big and small
in the puzzle of life
we all try to fit in.

There are infinite worlds
between here and there
in the concept of friendship
when one doesn't care.

Yet it takes only one word
between two people
for one to understand
or for another to walk away.

You never know which way it falls
between your words
and another's ears
unless they cross the line as well.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Vivid Colors

Traipsing through the tall green grass
Our afternoon did slowly pass

Beneath the sky of rolling blue
I spent the most wonderful time with you

As we frolicked beneath the sun of yellow
Our feelings were relaxed and mellow

If I could just stop the shifting sands
Or stop the movement of time's hands

As the sun fades into pink
It made me stop to really think

How perfect moments come to pass
When we wish they'd always last

And someday when my sky is grey
I'll look back fondly on this day

I'll see it in a hue of red
The details vivid in my head

Time passes quickly and colors fade
But that's why portraits must be made

To keep in life the vivid hues
Of days spent gaily with my muse