Monday, August 30, 2010

A Story With An End

Once upon a time
never seems to come

Sometimes I get so close
but it always slips away

A fairy tale come true
is what I'd like to have

But the mysteries of life
are what my life's about

Will I ever find a prince
upon a big white horse

The thriller that I seek
is hidden in blank pages

Yet my biography I hope
will tell a simple story

That happily ever after
came at the end of my life's tale


  1. Very nice, short and sweet, I'd say. Maybe a tiny bit inconsistent, but rather profound and thoughtful.

  2. I think I like this blog better than Tales and Tails, although both are nice. I can barely handle one blog. When I begin to feel pressured then it starts to feel more like a JOB than fun. JOBS should mean paychecks, as I recall. Thanks for your interest. Carry on, then, and I shall do the same. Ta ta ~~~~

  3. PS: I am not familiar with the term "steampunk." Must be a Midwest thing? Is it related to steamboats? I like the way it sounds. A Steampunk Princess should have a smolderling Lucky Strike in her mouth as she swaggers dowh the starboard side, squinting into the smoke-filled setting sun and swearing a blue streak at her crew of snoozing slackers. Yes, and she'd look incredibly sexy, of course, while swilling straight shots of Southern Comfort and shouting, "Look alive, you sons a' bitches! Shreveport's just around the bend!"

    Well, anyway, that's the kind of Steampunk Princess I'd be, except at my age, I'd be more likely called a Steampunk Queen.