Monday, September 20, 2010

Doll Face

You leave me sitting
on the shelf
a China doll
You're afraid to break

And yet, the only fragile part
Is my living, beating heart

You leave me packed up
in a box
A plastic Barbie
So I won't become a mess

And yet the messed up part of me
Is my lack of reality

You leave me lying
on the floor
A stuffed ragdoll
So I won't have to think

And yet the best thing inside my head
Is the brain you didn't see

Put my parts together
Watch me work
You'll see that I'm more
Than a pretty face
perfect hair and vacant eyes

I'm a living doll
A work of art
Living, breathing, imperfect parts
Most likely to be
A danger to your heart

So take me down, dust me off
I'll be a surprise
You didn't expect
Just please don't leave me
On the shelf


  1. Very well written, I must say, I got a very genuine feeling of emotion from reading this. You're getting better every day, Houndsy! It displays a something both sweet and sad, a longing feeling.

  2. Thanks for your sweet words
    the last days/weeks
    it means a lot to me
    to have real friends in blogging world

    Kareltje =^.^=

  3. Wow, you're my kind of poet. I really liked this. Will be back to read more when I have time.

  4. ...oh, that was full of sentiments and superb emotions... i come over your page and was accidentally recognized this awesome place... i didn't know you have such a poetic side my friend... now i know why you belonged those few who really know how to interpret my thoughts... glad i've found it and definitely following...^^

    All the brightest blessings!!!:)