Monday, August 2, 2010

Vivid Colors

Traipsing through the tall green grass
Our afternoon did slowly pass

Beneath the sky of rolling blue
I spent the most wonderful time with you

As we frolicked beneath the sun of yellow
Our feelings were relaxed and mellow

If I could just stop the shifting sands
Or stop the movement of time's hands

As the sun fades into pink
It made me stop to really think

How perfect moments come to pass
When we wish they'd always last

And someday when my sky is grey
I'll look back fondly on this day

I'll see it in a hue of red
The details vivid in my head

Time passes quickly and colors fade
But that's why portraits must be made

To keep in life the vivid hues
Of days spent gaily with my muse


  1. Really reminds me of a day that you always like to look back at whenever you're blue! Very beautiful, Houndstooth!