Monday, March 1, 2010

A Closer Look

I wish you really knew me
And not what you wished I’d be
I wish I knew what it is
People really want to see

It seems I’m never quite enough
To make people look again
I feel like I’m invisible
Erased before I e’er begin

Or else it seems I’m hideous
Beauty hidden deep inside
My flaws exposed and ridiculed
Soft spots concealed in my hide

I wish sometimes they’d look again
To see what’s really me
I’m more than just that outer skin
But I can’t let them see

The parts I keep most hidden
Are the true bits of my self
They really are the best of me
But they’ll sit here on the shelf

I might have shared them with the world
But they tossed away the rest
They wouldn’t give a second look
Thinking they’re the best

They’re the ones who are missing out
I know that in my heart
And still I wish they’d have looked again
For my really special part

Beauty isn’t the same to all
It’s the really shallow kind
Who only take one look and part
Never looking at what’s behind

For those who take a closer look
They might find I’m a work of art
Special ones with eyes to see
The whole and not just part


  1. You do have a wonderful gift with the written word me dear.

  2. I don't know wether to feel sad or moved. Either way, you know how to play with someone's heart and emotions very well.

  3. Love your POEM
    very well written :-)