Monday, March 22, 2010

Art Lessons

You see the world in black and white
But I'm a shade of grey
I think that makes me invisible
Even in the light of your day

You draw the world in lines most straight
But I'm a curlicue
I fear that makes me a bad fit
In your stark world view

You hear the world in symphonies
But I'm a singing bowl
I guess that I don't resonate
A chord within your soul

That world of yours seems rather dull
I say that from my heart
I wish for you that you could see
I am a work of art

I'd paint your world in vivid shades
So you might learn to see
That differences are beautiful
Just like you and me


  1. Another well done piece, and it shows off your skill in writing rather nicely, I'd say! Maybe you'll come up with a more cheery piece next time, too!

  2. A beautiful poem. Just lovely, glad I stopped by :0)