Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Ballad of the Blossom

You planted a seed to watch it grow.
Your intentions were good, but you reap what you sow.
You remembered the water, but forgot the sun,
But nightshade grows when the day is done.

You thought you’d grow a bonsai tree,
But planted it where it could grow wild and free.
The creeping vines grew across the ground,
Discipline for the plant could not be found.

You threw up your hands and walked away,
Because with that plant, you don’t hold sway.
Yet with the start of your neglect,
That plant began to stand erect.

Those vines began to rise and twine
And grew into something quite divine.
That stubborn bud that would not grow
When you were gone it seemed to know.

You came back and were surprised
To find this rare unequalled prize.
Your fragile, stubborn, little shoot
Is now beginning strange new fruit.

Will you eat it, do you dare,
Try to taste this strange new pear?
It might be poison, it might be sweet.
Only a fool might dare to eat.

But of course you could not resist.
That fruit your lips so sweetly kissed.
Now you finally know the course
Of those who try to grow by force.

You took a bite and bit the dust,
Then you learned the price of lust.
Your body on the ground now lies.
Your plant you will now fertilize.

Did you never guess your stubborn bloom
Would one day come to seal your doom?
Sometimes it’s the pretty thing
That will leave the deepest sting.

You learned too late
But such is fate.
The plant lives on
While you are gone.

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