Monday, May 17, 2010

Just For Me

Birthday wrapping
lots of cake
streamers hanging
songs sung loudly
just for me

But that's not what
I really want
It's just a minute
of your time
just for me

You seem so busy
you never call
the rest of the year
you have no time
just for me

What I'd give
to hear your voice
out of the blue
reaching out
just for me

My birthday party
would mean so much
if I felt you knew who I am
and if you'd come
just for me

Is there hope
if I reach out
will you have a minute
that you can spare
just for me

It's all I really wanted
not cake
or gifts
just to know you're out there
just for me


  1. On Bandit's birthday, he just wants to be left alone to eat poop in peace. Poop just for him.