Monday, May 24, 2010

I Believe In Fairy Tales

As a little girl
I believed in knights in shining armor
magic in the water
and happily ever after

Then I grew up
I had to slay my own dragons
look at the grass beneath my feet
and the realities of the world

But I believe
that my feet can be on the ground
while my head's in the clouds
and my heart beats free

Because of you
I have a knight in rusty armor
A dragon in my pocket
and a mermaid's song

Life is a fairy tale
as long as you see beyond
the once upon a time
to the happily ever after

So dream your dreams
see the world
live in both
and find your balance


  1. I really loved this poem, great sentiments - I read it twice!

  2. Wow!!
    Love your poem
    so so true :-)

    Nice second blog !!!!

  3. Imma read Stardust naow :3

    Thank you for posting such terrific and well said poetry, Houndstooth! Great everytime!

  4. Hey! We love your poetry, so we gave you an award. Stop by our blog today and see!