Monday, February 1, 2010

Heart Medicine

A sad heart
A heavy heart
A wounded heart
A broken heart

Sometimes it feels it can’t beat on
The pain squeezes like a vice

A cold heart
A bitter heart
A poisoned heart
A jaded heart

At times it seems so damaged
It’s a wonder it lives at all

An untamed heart
A divided heart
A guarded heart
A restless heart

Other times it feels restrained
When it wants to just break free

A light heart
A joyous heart
A singing heart
A laughing heart

Any time it feels happiness
It’s like a soothing balm

A leaping heart
A beating heart
A wild heart
A heart attack

Every time that you are near
It feels like it will soar

A contented heart
A full heart
A peaceful heart
A whole heart

It takes away all the pain
Encountered from before


  1. A pill for heartburn, wouldn't you say? :) Great work!