Monday, February 8, 2010

A Gift For A Friend

Please don’t rain on my parade
When I give you lemonade

Please do not be all gloom and doom
As I hand to you a rose in bloom

Please do not just reject my gift
When I offer you a lift

Please do not tear it all apart
As I give you a gift from my heart

Don’t you know when you are down
All that I can do is frown

I’ll sit beside you while you mope
Inside I’ll still be full of hope

I’ll be waiting ‘til I see you grin
So our fun can begin again

So do not push my gifts away
Let’s go and start our happy day

I can’t go forward without you
While you sit here feeling blue

You have at least one special friend
Who’ll be here with you to the end


  1. That was a very sweet piece, I liked how it was carried out!