Monday, April 26, 2010

Warts And All

I want you to see me
flawless, perfect, unblemished

To show the very best
that I know I have inside

And yet...

You find me in my mistakes
dirty, scarred, uncharitable

And the surprise is
You love me for those things

The miracle in being
That those things I wish most to hide

Are the endearments that draw you
And cause you to be perfect in my eyes


  1. What truthful words and words that can mean so much to someone whether the recipient or the one who bestows them on another.

  2. Incredible work, you ought to give yourself much more credit than you think you deserve!

  3. Perfect. Great words... a reminder that I love my partner dearly :0)

  4. Beautiful! It reminds me of my husband and brought tears to my eyes! Wonderful work!