Monday, January 11, 2010

Behind Your Mask

You show the world a somber face

At times when you hold back
You don’t let them see the laughter
That I know you really have

You keep everyone at your arm’s length
Because you’re a little shy
You don’t see that if you let them close
They’d know your reasons why

Sometimes I wish you’d let them in
So they’d see how great you are
But other times I must admit
I like to keep you to myself

Don’t hide behind that mask you use
Show the world your face
Let them in on all your jokes
And they’ll like you for who you are

Don’t keep them all behind a wall
Let them come up close
Give it a try and let them know
How warm your embraces are

Remember when they strike at you
They’ll never cut you down
You stand above them all you see
Because you stand by me

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